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The COMPACT is a sturdy, simple bollard made out of pressure-impregnated wood with steel strips.

The COMPACT is a solid solution. Usually you see the COMPACT used in connection with things like traffic islands and roadworks, where they clearly signal motorists to reduce speed and maintain a suitable distance.

Wooden bollards are used in many other places. For example, they can be used to enclose a car park in natural surroundings. The COMPACT can also be used along the edge of a pavement, for example, in connection with a residential area, to indicate that moving traffic is on the other side of these bollards.

Bollard in pressure-impregnated pine with reflective strip

The COMPACT is made of a column of pressure-impregnated pinewood. Pressure-impregnated pinewood is characterised by its robustness and good durability when the product is sunk into the ground.

The COMPACT features a solid hot-dip galvanised iron ring at the top, which is intended as a reflective strip. The reflective strip ensures that the COMPACT is also visible to motorists and cyclists in the dark or in poor weather conditions.

Thick wooden bollard in variable heights

The COMPACT is available in two versions. Both of them can be fitted at the height you need. The normal height is 90 cm above ground.

One version of the COMPACT has a diameter of 160 mm and features a bevelled top. The other version has a diameter of 200 mm, and in this version, the COMPACT is supplied with a rough-turned, rounded top.

No matter which version of the COMPACT you choose, you can be sure that the bollard is made of the same solid construction, that can take a bit of everything.

The COMPACT is fitted by embedding it in concrete. This also means that it will remain standing firm and can withstand a light collision.

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• Wooden bollard in two sizes
• Rounded/bevelled edges
• Steel ring attached with 3 screws
• Optional extra: Red, yellow or white reflective band


• Pressure-treated pine
• Ring in hot-dip galvanised steel


Ø160 mm or Ø200 mm
3 x 60 mm drive screw
Ring: Ø168 mm x 4 mm / Ø203 mm x 6,3 mm


• To be embedded
• Recommended base dimensions: Ø400 x H600 mm
• Distance from ground to upper edge: 900 mm

COMPACT drawings

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