TYPE A Barrier

Design HITSA

Use a stationary barrier such as model A2 or A3 from HITSA as a boundary marker, barrier, etc. The difference between the two barriers is that A2 has a single bar across the top, while A3 has two.

The length of the barrier can be adjusted to suit customer requirements. The maximum length for A2 is 2.5 metres, while A3, with its extra cross-bar, is available up to 3.5 metres long.

Such barriers can be used to clearly demarcate cycle and pedestrian routes. Use a set of two barriers to form a gateway for pedestrians, cyclists and scooter users to pass through when coming up to a road.

Both A2 and A3 are made from Ø 60 mm tubular steel. Both barriers are fixed and installed by cementing in. We recommend installing with the top edge at a height of 1 m from the ground.

Fixed, stationary barriers of up to 3.5 metres

The two fixed barriers are ideal for regulating access to footpaths, green areas and roads. They prevent access for motor vehicles If installed in a staggered formation, so you have to wend your way through, as it were, this also forces bike traffic to slow right down. This makes the path even safer for the pedestrians it is intended for.

A2 and A3 from HITSA are fixed, welded barriers. We produce the actual bars at our own steelworks. This allows us to adapt products as required to suit customer needs.

Barriers for cycle paths and footpaths

Barriers from HITSA are made from a small number of sturdy materials and are designed to stand up to wind and weather for many years to come. The barriers are made from hot-dip galvanised steel, ensuring a long useful life and minimal maintenance.

If you don’t want a hot-dip galvanised finish, you can opt for powder coating instead, with a wide range of RAL colours to choose from.

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    Technical drawings See drawings


    • Fixed barrier
    • The length can be adjusted to suit customer requirements
    • Max. length A2: 2500 mm
    • Max. length A3 (with extra bar): 3500 mm
    • Optional extra: Red, yellow or white reflective strip
    • Also available in any RAL colour


    • Hot-dip galvanised steel
    • Also available in powder-coated, hot-dip galvanised steel


    Ø60 mm steel tube


    • Cemented in
    • Recommended base dimensions: Ø200 x H600 mm
    • Distance from ground to top edge: 1000 mm

    TYPE A BARRIER drawings

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