SV4 Bollard


The SV4 is a practical bollard that is available in two models – either as a tiltable model or a removable model. The tiltable version can be laid down when access is required, and the removable model can be removed entirely.

The stele is often used as a barrier in connection with fire access routes, where access has to be relatively easy. Or as a barrier at an entrance that is only used on special occasions.

The SV4 is a very effective and attractive solution. It is often used in the powder-coated version, and a reflective strip with the words FIRE ACCESS ROUTE can also be purchased separately.

Architect-designed bollard

The SV4 is a 90 cm tall, slender bollard that consists of a U-shaped profile measuring 60×120 mm, in hot-dip galvanised steel. You can choose to have it powder-coated in your choice of RAL colour. Contact us to hear about the options for powder-coating.

Regardless of whether you choose the galvanised version or the powder-coated one, the bollard is hot-dip galvanised. We always hot-dip galvanise all the steel parts in our products, as this helps extend the lifetime of the product. This also means that the product requires only a minimum of maintenance.

Tiltable or removable bollard for trafic routes

The SV4 is available in two models: One that can be tilted down and one that can be removed altogether.

The tiltable bollard is locked at the top, and the inner part of the bollard tilts in the vertical frame. The frame can be removed from the base, to allow the whole bollard to be laid flat on the ground. The SV4 is not made to be run over, so it should be fitted so that it can be laid down in the direction of travel.

The removable bollard also unlocks at the top. The whole bollard can now be removed from the base.

A Ruko lock is supplied with it as standard.

Combine SV4 with our bicycle stand SVC4, which is shaped in the same design or with the SVL4 bicycle bollard for cargo bikes.


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• Available as stationary bollard in one piece
• Available as a removable or tiltable bollard
• Available with key or triangular lock
• Optional extra: Reflective band with text “FIRE ROUTE” – white or red
• Also available in any RAL colour


• Hot-dip galvanised steel
• Also available in powder-coated, hot-dip galvanised steel


60 x 120 mm steel


• Available for embedding or bolting to the foundation
• Recommended base dimensions: Ø300 x H600 mm
• Distance from ground to upper edge, tiltable: 908 mm
• Distance from ground to upper edge, removable: 900 mm

SV4 drawings

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