Some of the apartments at IrmaByen look out over living, green sedum roofs atop HITSA shelters.

Trees and green areas can be found close by, and elements of nature have been incorporated into this city district.

The new residential area has been established on the former Irma Group site in Rødovre. Of the original buildings, only the 38-metre-high ‘Kaffetårn’ (Coffee Tower) remains. The rest of the development is newly built, featuring a variety of housing types ranging from apartments to detached houses.

Our SH 500 shelters are used at IrmaByen to conceal waste-sorting facilities, among other functions. SH 500 is available in a wide variety of materials. For the shelters at IrmaByen, the green sedum roofs have been combined with vertical wooden side panels of varying heights. This gives the bin enclosures an overall look of quality, nature and well-thought-out design.

We have supplied SIESTA table & bench sets and FJORDPARK benches for various locations and spaces between the buildings. For bicycle parking, we have provided several different racks from our HH20 range. SV4, with its simple design by landscape architect Julie Kierkegaard, is used as a fire access route bollard.

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