TYPE B Barrier

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Type B barriers from HITSA are extra long barriers used for regulating and blocking access.

If you choose a Type B barrier, it can be opened and secured to a latch post.

B1 is made from Ø 60 mm tubular steel and has a maximum length of 3.5 metres.

B2 is a longer version with a maximum length of 5.5 metres. It is also made from Ø 60 mm tubular steel, with an extension bar in Ø 48 mm tubular steel.

Both barriers have a height of 1 metre. Both types come with two latch posts with a bracket for padlocking. Padlocks are not included.

It is possible to purchase reflective strips in white, red or yellow to make the barrier more visible.

Type B barriers are used to prevent vehicle access to a specific area. They can be used, for example, for forecourts and pedestrian areas in front of apartment blocks and similar, where vehicle access is occasionally required. Type B models that can be opened are a practical option for such locations.

Wide barriers that can be opened and closed

Here at HITSA we produce the B1 and B2 barriers at our own steelworks. This allows us to adapt products as required to suit customer needs. Contact us for a chat about the available options.

All barriers in HITSA’s range are made from robust materials, designed to stand up to wind and weather for many years to come. B1 and B2 are made from hot-dip galvanised steel, which requires minimal maintenance.

All steel components in our products are hot-dip galvanised, including those that are subsequently powder-coated rather than being delivered with a plain, galvanised finish.

Hot-dip galvanising provides a number of benefits. Steel in itself is a highly robust material, and in combination with hot-dip galvanising this gives the barrier an extremely hard-wearing surface. This means, for example, that the barriers are self-repairing in the event of minor surface damage. Likewise, they require minimal maintenance. Finally, hot-dip galvanising considerably extends the useful life of products.

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    • Swing barrier
    • 2 latch posts included – suitable for padlocking
    • The length can be adjusted to suit customer requirements
    • Max. length B1: 3500 mm
    • Max. length B2: 5500 mm
    • Optional extra: Red, yellow or white reflective strip
    • Also available in any RAL colour


    • Hot-dip galvanised steel
    • Also available in powder-coated, hot-dip galvanised steel


    Barrier arm B1: Ø60 mm
    Barrier arm B2: Ø60/48 mm steel tube
    Outer post: Ø90 mm steel tube
    Inner post: Ø70 mm steel tube


    • To be embedded
    • Recommended base dimensions: Ø400 x H900 mm
    • Recommended base dimensions for latch posts: Ø200 x H600 mm
    • Distance from ground to top edge: 1000 mm

    TYPE B BARRIER drawings

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