Bench round a tree seen from above
Round bench with armrests
Round bench with armrests

AML Park Bench


The AML is a simple yet attractive round bench in which the wooden slats of the seat form a circle. The bench can, for example, be used around a tree where it fulfils a double function: as a place to sit and as a form of protection for the tree.

The bench is available in three different sizes with an inner diameter from 110 cm up to 220 cm – with or without a backrest.

If th AML is supplied with a backrest, so you can simply lean back, look up and lose yourself in the foliage above you. Without a backrest, you can simply swing your legs in over the bench and sit in a circle.

Landscape architect, Annemarie Lund, the designer behind the AML, always incorporates simplicity and durability when she works with urban furniture. The ALM is no exception.

Outdoor bench in steel and FSC®-certified mahogany

The framework of the AML is made of flattened iron that has been hot-dip galvanised. The hot-dip galvanisation process extends the lifetime of the steel and ensures that it retains its attractive appearance, also in the long run.

If you do not wish to have the bench supplied with its natural, galvanised finish, you can choose to have the frame powder-coated. There is a wide variety of colours available in the RAL colour chart, so the choice is yours. This also lets you put your own stamp on the bench to give it a unique appearance and character.

Even if you do choose the powder-coated version, the seat brackets are hot-dip galvanised before being coated. This means that the steel retains its strength, even if the coating is damaged.

The seat of the AML is made of moulded, oil-treated, FSC®-certified mahogany. Mahogany requires a very limited amount of maintenance. You can either treat it with oil occasionally to brighten it up or leave the mahogany untreated, so it will acquire an attractive, grey patina.

Create an overall consistent style in your outdoor spaces with the AML

The AML is the simple, attractive solution if you are looking to create outdoor seating. The bench comes ready to be bolted into the ground.

Its appearance fits in perfectly with other benches in our range, such as the AML 8T Bench, so it is easy to create a consistent design style in your outdoor spaces.

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• Round park bench or bench in moulded mahogany
• Available in 3 sizes
• AML 170 and AML 220 available with or without backrest
• Also available in any RAL colour


• Oil-treated, FSC®-certified mahogany
• Also available in untreated FSC®-certified mahogany
• Hot-dip galvanised steel
• Also available in powder-coated, hot-dip galvanised steel


Legs: 65 x 16 mm steel
Slats: 55 x 35 mm


• HITSA provides installation specifications depending on the


AML 110 PL

  • 01_AML 110 PL - tegning - 1

AML 170 BN

  • 02_AML 170 BN - tegning - 1

AML 170 PL

  • 03_AML 170 PL - tegning - 1

AML 220 BN

  • 04_AML 220 BN - tegning - 1

AML 220 PL

  • 05_AML 220 PL - tegning - 1
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