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Bicycle parking is an essential element of, and addition to, the urban landscape, and the AROS shelter is a functional and well-designed product. It helps to create space in urban environments and provides dry, well-lit bicycle parking.

AROS bicycle parking is open and transparent, and easy to integrate into urban settings. The design focuses on simplicity. The lightness and elegance of the rafters is suggestive of aircraft wings – simple and airy, almost hanging in mid-air. AROS has been designed by Aarhus Municipality, City Architecture, hence the name.

AROS is modular and can be configured as needed. This makes it easy to find the perfect solution, with capacity to match actual needs.

Top-quality shelter

Lighting can be integrated into the shelter. AROS is equipped for installation of LED spots, which are low energy and can be powered by solar panels. The LED spots are elegantly integrated into the slender, horizontal support beams.

The actual roof of AROS is made from clear acrylic or glass panels.

AROS can be supplied with a plain, hot-dip galvanised finish. You can also opt for powder coating to give your shelter its own unique look.

Combine your AROS shelter with bicycle pumps

AROS bicycle parking is part of a whole range of equipment designed and produced specifically for cyclists. It provides an attractive and functional addition to a well-designed urban space with sustainable transport as a priority.

The range provides an attractive and coherent look for all cycling facilities throughout a particular urban landscape. In addition to the shelter, the AROS range comprises the AROS manual bicycle pump and the AROS pump with compressor.

Here at HITSA we have great systems in place for planning and installing bicycle parking, so that the customer ends up with the maximum number of spaces per square metre. Get in touch, and we will be happy to help in designing a suitable solution and matching the AROS shelter to your requirements.

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Technical drawings See drawings

• Modular – extra bays can be added to extend the shelter
• Optional extra: LED lighting
• Optional extra: Reinforced boxes for bolting to the ground
• Also available in any RAL colour


• Hot-dip galvanised steel
• Also available in powder-coated, hot-dip galvanised steel


• 10 mm clear acrylic
• 10 mm laminated, tempered glass


Columns: 250 x 50 mm steel
Purlins: 250 x 50 mm steel
Rafters: 10 mm steel


• Supplied for cementing in or bolting to reinforced boxes. Installation according to instructions from HITSA.

AROS drawings

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