AYA Barbecue


AYA is an attractive shared barbecue for public areas such as beach parks and housing association properties. The AYA barbecue gets the job done, whether cooking for just a few or a large group. The barbecue rack is large, and the charcoal tray is height-adjustable, meaning the level of heat can quickly and easily be regulated.

The barbecue is characterised by its attractive, plain corten-steel sides. The vibrant, rust-red surface gives the barbecue a warm and inviting look. A name or logo can be cut into the surface for integration with its surroundings.

The AYA barbecue has an adjustable charcoal tray that can be moved up and down below the barbecue rack. The tray is adjusted by means of a large handle. The mechanism is designed with a lever to make it easy for anyone to lift the charcoal tray.

The barbecue rack can be tilted to an upright position to allow charcoal to be added or ash to be cleared out. The barbecue rack, charcoal tray and handle are made of stainless steel.

Communal barbecue for parks, beach settings and other public areas

All the components of the AYA barbecue are robust and securely attached, so they will stand up to use by countless people and remaining outside in all kinds of weather.

The AYA barbecue is easy to maintain and simply needs cleaning like any other barbecue.

It is ideal for housing associations, who want to encourage social interaction in their outdoor areas and give residents reason to get together. It is also perfect for beach parks, scouting centres, village festivals and other places where good outdoor facilities are required for large gatherings.

The AYA barbecue was designed by landscape architects Arkplan as part of a largber project of creating outdoor areas for the Jennumparken residential district in Randers in 2021. The focus was on creating a barbecue that was functional, robust and inviting.

Shared barbecue to encourage social interaction and fun

Here at HITSA we offer many products to help foster a sense of community at housing association properties, colleges and similar. Combine the AYA barbecue with the LLH6 drying rack and the MICROHAVEN planter to create a pleasing outdoor setting.

We also offer a number of table & bench sets and litter bins that match the quality and durability of the AYA barbecue.

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• Large cooking surface
• The charcoal tray can be adjusted to 5 different heights with ease – using the lever principle
• Available with cut-out logo
• The barbecue rack can be tilted to allow charcoal to be added
• All the components are securely attached to prevent theft


• Sides: 8mm corten steel
• Barbecue rack, stainless steel Ø 10/760 x 760 mm
• Charcoal tray, handle: Stainless steel


• To be placed on the ground
• Height from ground to top edge: 1000 mm
• Weight: 285 kg

AYA drawings

AYA grill

Community grill with adjustable charcoal grill and attached parts

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