Practical drying rack LLH6 from HITSA

LLH6 Outdoor drying rack


LHH is a simple and sturdy clothes airer shaped like an umbrella. An LHH clothes airer installed in your residential courtyard gives it a homely and cosy look.

At the same time it serves a purpose and helps make the outdoor space somewhere to be used and enjoyed by residents, and the courtyard a spot where people want to spend their time.

LHH is fitted with a plastic-coated wire “line”, providing plenty of space for drying laundry. The double umbrella structure forms a sturdy and attractive airer.

LHH is supplied for cementing in and is made from hot-dip galvanised steel. The post, arms, flanges and inner tube are made from sturdy tubular steel.

The airer is 310 cm wide and 200 cm in height.

Attractive clothes airer for courtyards and communal areas

Landscape architects Lea Nørgaard and Vibeke Holscher are responsible for the simple design of LHH. Thanks to its clean, elegant design, LHH is more than just an umbrella-style clothes airer, and fits well into the setting without drawing undue attention.

Why not combine the LHH clothes airer with planters such as MICROHAVEN or LINN to create a vibrant courtyard environment? We also offer a barbecue, designed for communal use and incorporating robustness and theft protection.

For residential buildings, we can naturally also offer a large selection of table & bench sets, bicycle racks, shelters, bin stores and litter bins.

Clothes airer for housing associations – available in any colour

The LHH clothes airer is made from hot-dip galvanised steel. It can be supplied with a plain, hot-dip galvanised finish or powder-coated in a colour to match the architecture and surroundings..

Hot-dip galvanising protects the steel against rust and corrosion and ensures a long useful life for outdoor products. The surface will initially be shiny, but will weather to a matt finish in a vibrant, mottled shade of grey over time.

The powder-coated version can be supplied in any RAL colour. The components will be hot-dip galvanised before powder coating, which provides extra protection against rust.


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• Elegant drying rack
• Robust for community use
• Also available in any RAL colour


• Hot-dip galvanised steel
• Also available in powder-coated, hot-dip galvanised steel


• Posts: 90 mm steel tube
• Wings: 33 mm steel tube
• Flanges: 42 mm steel tube
• Internal tube: 76 mm steel tube
• Line: 4 mm plastic-coated wire


• Recomended base dimensions: 400 x 400 x 900 mm

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