SERVITEL Bin Shelter


HITSA’s recycling stations are designed to blend into the urban landscape in an aesthetically-pleasing and natural way. In the municipality of Aarhus, for example, the SERVITEL stations are painted in an easily-recognisable shade of green throughout the whole city.

The SERVITEL Recycling Station is a flexible, functional solution which is ideal for organising, sorting and screening off waste in courtyard areas in urban spaces. Each container has its own unit. Among other things, this ensures that things are kept tidy and well-structured, and that the waste containers are easily-accessible. It also means that you decide the final design of your recycling station.

SERVITEL is a modular design, which allows you to customise the solution to suit your particular needs in terms of size or number of sorting bins. This construction also allows you to add more modules any time you wish, if the need arises.

The expanded metal mesh cladding in aluminium means that SERVITEL is an extremely robust covered shelter. The pattern of holes in the cladding provides natural ventilation.

Lockable recycling station for several types of containers

The SERVITEL modules are available in four different sizes. The depth measurement ranges from 905 to 1300 mm, while the widths range from 905 mm to 1610 mm. We also offer SERVITEL in an XL version, which is 1900 mm high, whereas the three other sizes are 1700 mm in height.

SERVITEL can be supplied with doors that are either right or left-hinged, or with bars that can be lowered in front of the containers. These protect the waste containers against vandalism and unauthorised entry. The locking system is made of stainless steel and is opened by means of a square key. Both the doors and bars lock automatically on closing.

Popular recycling station for housing associations

As SERVITEL can be configured to suit many different needs, using many different modular combinations, it is a popular choice among, for example, housing associations.

SERVITEL is often ordered in green as it blends well into the natural surroundings of a courtyard area. However, the recycling station can be powder-coated in a wide range of colours to match buildings or other urban space inventory in the outdoor area.  This makes it easy to achieve a nicely-consistent design in your outdoor space.

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• Modular – extra bays can be added to extend the shelter
• 4 different sizes ensure that SERVITEL is suitable for most sizes of container
• Available with lock brackets, doors or open front
• Single-sided or double-sided with central aisle
• Stainless steel locks in doors/brackets to be opened using a square key
– lock automatically when closed
• Powder-coated in RAL 6005 green
• Optional extra: Coating available in other RAL colours


• Powder-coated expanded aluminium, 3 mm
• Powder-coated, extruded aluminium


• 3 mm expanded metal


Arches: 86 x 68 mm
Horizontal connectors: 33 x 33 mm
Doors: 55 x 33 mm


• Can be cemented in or bolted to the ground
• Installed using Ø 100 mm steel flanges

SERVITEL drawings

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