The first residents moved into Engholmene in 2017. A multitude of new dwellings have been built here on islands in Copenhagen’s southern harbour area. The environment between the buildings has been furnished with benches, tables, bicycle racks, litter bin and bollards from HITSA.

Engholmene shows that you can create a striking impression with well-designed standard products. The FJORDPARK range represents a common theme across the islands. This includes FJORDPARK benches along the quayside with views over the water, while FJORDPARK reclined seats provide an inviting spot to take a break in good weather on Lyngholm and Myrholm. Other FJORDPARK benches provide seating in communal areas.

The furniture has been supplied with steel components in dark grey, with bicycle racks and bollards in the same shade. The colour coordination increases the sense of coherence and familiarity throughout the district.

HITSA has also provided bollards for fire zones and multi-level bicycle racks for parking garages.

Danielsen Urban Landscape has chosen Scots pine, lyme grass, thrift and other coastal plants for some of the cultivated plots on the islands. This has created a great coastal setting, complemented by the robust furniture, bicycle racks and bollards.

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