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EGEDAL MILJØ is an attractive and flexible recycling bin for urban environments

The EGEDAL litter bin series is being expanded with the EGEDAL MILJØ, an attractive and flexible recycling station for public spaces.

The EGEDAL MILJØ recycling bin is unique because it can be adapted in line with changes to waste management. It consists of 80-litre modules, which can be combined in several ways. If fractions or waste volumes change, modules can easily be added or removed.
EGEDAL MILJØ’s flexibility makes it a long-term and sustainable solution for waste, which was exactly the idea behind it, explains design engineer Rune Niemann Hansen from HITSA:

“Recycling is constantly evolving, with changes to both authorities’ requirements and users’ needs. EGEDAL MILJØ offers a solution to this uncertainty, because it can be adapted if needed,” he explains.

The VE2 design studio is behind the EGEDAL series.

“We’ve endeavoured to design a neat and adaptable litter bin for recycling in public spaces. Waste sorting bins can be a little in your face, with their strong colours and emphasis on icons. Here, we’ve tried to produce a welcoming design that is more muted about the recycling fractions and fits more naturally with the urban environment or a natural area,” says designer Hugo Dines Schmidt from VE2.

Make recycling inviting

EGEDAL MILJØ has the same welcoming design as the free-standing EGEDAL litter bin. The rounded corners and a distinctive front panel give the litter bin an inviting design. EGEDAL MILJØ makes recycling an attractive feature of the streetscape.

The recycling station is available entirely in steel or lined with mahogany slats (FSC® certified). It is made of hot-dip galvanized steel, and can also be powder coated.

In the choice of materials and construction, emphasis has been placed on EGEDAL MILJØ being a sustainable, high-quality product. As with EGEDAL, emptying has been given plenty of thought, and the bin can be emptied without lifting.

Take a look at EGEDAL MILJØ in wood here and EGEDAL MILJØ in steel here.

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