New range of urban furniture from Cobe architects

COSI – new range of urban furniture from architects Cobe

We are now launching COSI, a brand new range of urban furniture jointly developed by HITSA and architects Cobe.

The range includes a table, a park bench and a bench in several variants. The intention is to create a family of furniture that fulfils the needs of public spaces, ranging from modern urban environments and historic market towns to nature parks. The furniture features expansive, clean lines and strong materials – corten steel and mahogany (FSC®-certified).

“COSI is a robust, simple and timeless design that can stand up to all types of climate and environments all year round, now and for the future,” says Casper Borg, Landscape Architect at Cobe.

“The key feature of the range is the rectangular cut surfaces, which are rounded at contact points for user comfort, i.e. table edges and seat edges. The wood and its appearance form the backbone of the design, with the solid, square slats giving the range its character,” says Casper Borg.

“This provides a seating surface that you can work with in various lengths, plus you can add backrests and armrests to deliver necessary functionality,” he says.

Materials and consumption of resources play a major role in the design. The materials are robust and hard-wearing, and COSI has been designed to make it easy to replace slats if needed. Consequently, these furniture items have a very long useful life. The choice of materials makes COSI maintenance-free. Furthermore, re-use and recycling at the end of the furniture’s useful life have already been planned for. COSI furniture is ‘made for disassembly’ – i.e. it’s simple to take apart – and can therefore easily form part of circular resource planning.

Robust, Danish-designed urban furniture

In the words of HITSA’s Managing Director, Henrik Andersen:

“With this range we can offer our customers urban furniture that has a clear design concept, is robust and fits any kind of setting. The size and design of the furniture means it can interact even with very distinctive settings, such as harbour areas, high-rise buildings and nature.”

“It’s the first time we’ve worked with Cobe, but hopefully not the last. The collaborative process has been a pleasure, and has produced some great products. We now look forward to seeing where COSI ends up in the future.”

COSI is available in corten steel and hot-dip galvanised steel with an optional powder-coating.

Find out more about the COSI table and bench set here, the COSI park bench here and the COSI bench here.

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