HITSA ISO 14001 certificeret

HITSA achieves ISO 14001 certification

Here at HITSA we achieved a major milestone in our sustainability efforts by gaining ISO 14001 certification in environmental management in November 2022. This means that we now have an externally audited system to ensure progress in our environmental and sustainability work. Our team is all ready to go, our objectives have been validated and all data has been entered into the system.

It has been a long and fascinating process, filled with meetings, discussions, spreadsheets and action plans.

“Most importantly, we’re in full control of our data, so we have a suitable foundation for making improvements. These will include energy consumption, waste management, use of chemicals, CO2 emissions, and much more. We’ve got a good grip on risks and procedures in day-to-day activities. We are already well under way with reducing energy consumption, CO2 emissions and waste, and together with our other environmental work we are now continuing our efforts within the framework of the environmental management system,” says HITSA’s Sustainability Manager, Josephine Husted Jespersen.

Numerous employees involved in ISO 14001

The entire organisation has been involved in obtaining data, documenting procedures, identifying environmental risks and proposing objectives.

“It has been a real pleasure to see the employees working together to get this huge task accomplished. We are an ordinary, medium-sized Danish manufacturing company, and there were many questions we didn’t yet have answers to when we got started with our sustainability strategy and ISO certification. However, it has all come together step by step. I am very much looking forward to following the results in the future,” says CEO Henrik Andersen.

ISO 14001 certification covers HITSA’s administrative and production activities in Kolding and Latvia.

The picture shows Production Manager Karina Clemmensen (left), Sustainability Manager Josephine Husted Jespersen (right), with metalworker Knud Schmidt in the background.

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