Byrumssikring med cykelpullert

HITSA-SAFE hostile vehicle mitigation now also available in the form of bicycle bollards

We are now expanding our HITSA-SAFE hostile vehicle mitigation range, with the addition of a bicycle bollard. The HITSA-SAFE bicycle bollard is a slender bollard with two brackets for parking and locking bikes and cargo bikes. Concealed within the bicycle bollard is a HITSA-SAFE base, which enables the bollard to effectively stop a car, so it can be used for safeguarding public squares, pedestrian zones or entrances.

The HITSA-SAFE range consists of products that provide protection against vehicles, while helping to create friendly and familiar urban spaces. The new bicycle bollard, like the other products in the range – bollard, bicycle rack, litter bin and park bench – serves a practical purpose for users of the urban space.

Find out more about the HITSA-SAFE bicycle bollard for HVM on the HITSA-SAFE website here.

Bicycle bollard that safeguards against vehicle-based attacks

The HITSA-SAFE bicycle bollard is only Ø 114 mm in diameter. The slender look of the bollard is down to its special construction. The installation depth is just 300 mm, and the bollard can be installed without cementing in.

Cyclists can rest their bike against the bollard or use the kickstand and simply lock their bike to the bollard. The HITSA-SAFE bicycle bollard is the same design as our TOR bicycle bollard, and the two products can be combined for a cohesive urban landscape.

HITSA-SAFE hostile vehicle mitigation products are urban furniture that doesn’t look like safety equipment. Instead HITSA-SAFE products enhance the architecture and landscape architecture of the urban space.

Find out more about HITSA-SAFE here. All products in the range can withstand a collision and stop a car. The construction has been certified according to the international PAS 68 and IWA 14 standards at the crash test facility (CTS) in Germany.

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