Beautiful wood clad litter bin next to park bench

EGEDAL – an elegant litter bin in steel or mahogany (FSC®-certified)

HITSA is now launching EGEDAL, a stylish litter bin with side opening. Its basic square shape and smooth corners give the bin a unique, elegant look. EGEDAL comes either all in steel or clad with slats in mahogany (FSC®-certified).

The straight sides allow for multiple bins to be installed side by side. Therefore EGEDAL is ideal for waste sorting in public spaces.

“It’s a unique litter bin with a slightly different shape. At the same time you can see the Nordic influence. It’s also the first litter bin we’ve produced where the different sizes are the same height. This makes them easy to combine,” says Rune Niemann Hansen, Project and Development Engineer at HITSA.

Designer Hugo Dines Schmidt from VE2 was involved in determining the shape of EGEDAL.

“As part of the design process we worked to give the square shape a more welcoming look, by adding rounded corners, for one thing. We focused on coming up with proportions that give this physically heavy litter bin a light visual look, including creating air between the basic elements of base, body and top cover. Furthermore, with the front panel we have given it a strong and recognisable element that runs throughout the entire range,” he says.

Square litter bin for flexible waste sorting

EGEDAL is available with a capacity of 40, 80 or 105 litres, and with single or double side opening. As a distinctive detail, EGEDAL has a front panel around the opening, both to protect the wooden slats (on relevant models) against dirt and to provide space for waste-sorting pictograms.

In addition to the stand-alone EGEDAL in wood or steel, HITSA is working on offering EGEDAL as modular islands and rows. This makes the EGEDAL range a flexible system for waste sorting in public spaces.

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