Metal chairs in different colours

New steel furniture range from HITSA

The lightweight look of the range is in contrast to the sturdy steel it’s made from. TERÄS is intended for urban spaces and parks, bringing a homely feel to public spaces. The range is available in RAL colours or with a plain, hot-dip galvanised finish, making it suitable to coordinate with a multitude of styles and settings.

Steel furniture for outdoor use

TERÄS is manufactured in evocative colours. The range includes a table, bench, chair and lounge-style chair. The furniture has been designed with a simple, Nordic look by design studio VE2. All unnecessary details have been left out – all that remains is a fully moulded frame and a long, decorative slit in the backrest and seat.

The table can be combined with chairs or benches in a square or courtyard. The lounge-style chair with its low seat height hints at inviting relaxation on lawns, promenades and beaches.

The furniture is made from hot-dip galvanised steel, and subsequently powder-coated. This gives TERÄS a light, summery look, while ensuring the range is easy to maintain, stands firm and can stand up to urban use. The range can be supplied with an aluminium backrest and seat, if you require a more lightweight option.

The designers at VE2 exemplify simple and long-lasting design.

“Our thought was Nordic, so the design is simple and minimalist, and all superfluous details have been eliminated,” says designer Hugo Dines Schmidt from VE2, “The aim has been to create furniture that is comfortable and long-lasting, in terms of both design and durability.”

Powder-coated steel furniture for urban spaces and courtyards

TERÄS is available in a range of stylish matching colours or with a plain, hot-dip galvanised finish. It can therefore compliment many different styles and looks, from vibrant and colourful to industrial and minimalist. The furniture requires very little maintenance, and in fact simply needs wiping down with a damp cloth.

TERÄS can be given a unique look, by adding a laser-cut logo, city logo or similar to the seat or backrest.

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