New, flexible modular bench

HITSA, in collaboration with design studio byMUNCH, is now launching an item of urban furniture that offers countless configuration options.

The ADD+ bench is made up of modules. It doesn’t come in just one configuration, but many. The backrest can go different ways to allow space for chatting on all sides.

The two ADD+ modules, S and T, can be put together like Tetris blocks, so your bench can take any form you want to suit your requirements. A single-block module can be used to create coherence.

With their simple and accomplished design, the two ADD+ modules open up countless configuration and design options. The stylish finish means the bench looks attractive from all angles whatever the final configuration. At the same time the versatile modular design allows users the freedom to rest their legs across the bench, sit on the backrest, lean against the backrest, and more.

ADD+ has been designed and developed in close collaboration with byMUNCH urban and landscape design agency.

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