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HITSA launches HITSA-SAFE – hostile vehicle mitigation products featuring Danish design

HITSA is now launching HITSA-SAFE, a range of products that protect against vehicle-based threats, while helping to create friendly and familiar urban spaces.

HITSA-SAFE products are vehicle security barriers in the same design as HITSA’s familiar standard range. This is urban furniture that doesn’t look like anti-terrorist protection or safety equipment. Instead HITSA-SAFE products enhance the architecture and landscape architecture of the urban space.

The HITSA-SAFE range consists of bollards, bicycle racks, benches, litter bins and custom-design products that can withstand a collision and stop the vehicle. The construction has been certified according to the international PAS 68 and IWA 14 standards at the crash test facility CTS in Germany.

HITSA-SAFE provides hostile vehicle mitigation in the form of familiar urban furniture

“We have developed HITSA-SAFE because our customers are requesting products for anti-terrorist protection and hostile vehicle mitigation that blend naturally into the urban environment and enhance the architecture and landscape,” says CEO of HITSA, Henrik Andersen.

“Our customers can, for example, purchase the same bollard they have been using for the past 30 years, but with the HITSA-SAFE security construction incorporated. Furthermore, we have focused on creating a range of security products that are also highly practical for everyday use,” he says.

HITSA-SAFE also offers scope for custom design, giving the architect or designer complete freedom to adapt the outer appearance of the product to fit the individual project.

The range of products will stop cars and is thus ideal for city centres, open squares, pedestrian zones, entrance areas and similar.

All HITSA-SAFE products are removable, allowing for occasional vehicle access. This also makes the range ideal for markets, festivals and other recurring, temporary events, where the barrier is only needed for a short period or a few times a year.

See more about HITSA-SAFE here or contact our specialist in hostile vehicle mitigation Mikkel Rosenquist on +45 20 10 10 06 or mir@hitsa.dk.

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