HITSA A/S purchases VEKSØ A/S

The NRGi Group has sold the VEKSØ business unit to Danish company HITSA. At the same time Den Sociale Kapitalfond Invest entered into a partnership with HITSA to invest in the company. HITSA’s aim with this acquisition was to create a Nordic market leader within urban space solutions with a specific focus on urban furniture, promoting quality of life, sustainability and social inclusion.

East Jutland energy company NRGi has sold the VEKSØ business unit to the HITSA company. The objective, according to CEO of HITSA, Søren Schultz, and director Henrik Andersen is to create a market-leading company in the Nordic region within urban space solutions:

“The objective with the acquisition of VEKSØ is, together with HITSA, to secure a market-leading position in Denmark and a significant position on the Nordic market within urban furniture. The strategy is founded on our ability and desire for close collaboration with our customers and to fulfil their needs. This will ensure a healthy business, in which we accept our civic and social responsibility. One essential requirement is shared and dedicated effort by skilled and committed employees, at both HITSA and VEKSØ,” says Søren Schultz.

NRGi hopes that the sale will strengthen and future-proof VEKSØ:

“In the long run it’s crucial for VEKSØ to secure larger volumes than we could generate organically. And selling to HITSA will ensure that. In addition, the new set-up combines VEKSØ’s and HITSA’s expertise, and the new mix of shared expertise will create a powerful and highly competitive business unit for the future,” says Jacob Vittrup, CEO, NRGi. He adds: “With the sale to HITSA we are ensuring that VEKSØ remains a Danish company, and we are safeguarding Danish jobs in collaboration with Den Sociale Kapitalfond Invest, who are co-investors in HITSA’s purchase”.

Den Sociale Kapitalfond Invest also sees attractive possibilities from the investment in HITSA+VEKSØ:

“Since our initial meeting with the management team at HITSA we have discovered shared values, with good business built on a strong corporate culture, where you look out for each other. HITSA is a business with high rates of growth and good earnings – combined with the fact that a considerable proportion of its employees come from the margins of the labour market. We feel that HITSA and VEKSØ can be a future role model for how to combine good business and social responsibility, and that’s something we want to be part of,” says Lars Jannick Johansen, Managing Partner of Den Sociale Kapitalfond Invest, who now own around 40 % of the new company.

The parties have agreed not to disclose the transaction price.



Gynther Kohls, bestyrelsesformand HITSA A/S

Mail: gko@minkoinvest.dk

Mobil: +45 3045 3303


Henrik Andersen, adm. direktør i HITSA A/S

Mail: hea@hitsa.dk

Mobil: +45 3046 4560


Lars Jannick Johansen, Managing Partner i Den Sociale Kapitalfond Invest

Mail: ljj@socialkapitalfond.dk

Mobil: +45 2961 6892


Simon Karsø, kommunikationschef i NRGi

Mail: Sika@nrgi.dk

Mobil: +45 2535 7429




HITSA supplies and enhances urban spaces with high-quality furniture and has been collaborating with municipalities, landscaping firms, housing associations and contractors for more than 30 years to turn urban landscapes and parks into appealing, functional and comfortable spaces.

In close collaboration with Danish designers and architects, HITSA offers a broad product range featuring everything from bicycle racks and table & bench sets to shelters.


VEKSØ is a leading company within design, production and sales of urban furniture and cycling products. The business employs around 80 staff and is represented in a number of European countries, with its own sales offices in Sweden and production facilities in Denmark and Latvia. Its head office is located in Taulov, Fredericia.

Den Sociale Kapitalfond Invest

Den Sociale Kapitalfond Invest is the first social impact investment fund in the Nordic region, which, in addition to a financial return for investors, also aims to make a positive, measurable difference for vulnerable groups. The fund invests in small and medium-sized businesses in Denmark and southern Sweden within trade, production and services with strong growth potential and incorporating social responsibility. Investors in the fund include The European Investment Fund (EIF), Vækstfonden, Novo Nordisk Foundation, TryghedsGruppen, Færchfonden and the Hempel Foundation.

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