Property developer:
Christianshavns Gymnasium

BOGL landscape architects,
Øllgaard Rådgivende Ingeniører



EASYLIFT PREMIUM dual-level bicycle parking system,
HH20 bicycle rack,
custom-designed circular bench with lights,
custom-designed planters with benches,
custom-designed shelter with staircase and pergola,
custom-designed parkour course

Christianshavns Gymnasium

In 2017, the schoolyard at Christianshavns Gymnasium was remodelled. One of the objectives was to provide more organised storage for the numerous student bikes, so they didn’t take up most of the yard. Another aim was to create an environment suitable for group work, activities and social interaction.

BOGL (Bang og Linnet Landskab) was responsible for the overall remodel, while HITSA designed and produced benches, the parkour course and bicycle parking facilities.

The students’ bikes are now stored on two levels under a shelter with added greenery. Seating has been created on a variety of levels. Some of the roof areas have been planted with sedum, while one serves as a roof terrace. The step height of the staircase up to the roof terrace makes it ideal as extra seating.

A large circular bench has been constructed in the centre of the yard, providing seating and a useful outdoor space. The bench is 16 metres in diameter and creates a striking impression. HITSA has constructed it from steel brackets, with mahogany cladding. The cladding is screwed down from below, so the screws are not visible. An LED strip has been incorporated right round the bench, so it can be illuminated in the evening.

It has been designed to enable the students to charge their computers and mobiles while they work, so HITSA has incorporated openings for power sockets into the staircase and bench.

This new outdoor environment adds a distinctive feature to the schoolyard at Christianshavns Gymnasium and provides a practical, space-saving solution for students’ bikes.

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