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Martin Larsen Industriel Design


Specially designed park benches

Enghave Plads, Copenhagen

Enghave Plads (Enghave Square) in the heart of Copenhagen is creating an attractive new urban space with 120 metres of bench seating made up of seven individual red benches from HITSA. The seven specially designed benches provide a total of 130 seats in Vesterbro. The benches have been installed in connection with the opening of the new metro station at Enghave Plads.

The red benches occupy prominent positions in the square, and, together with the shrubbery beds and large individual trees, are helping to create an urban space that offers scope for a variety of activities. We are delighted to play a part in this remodelling and regeneration of Vesterbro.

HITSA has been responsible for planning, production and delivery of the seven benches in close collaboration with designer Martin Larsen Industriel Design and Metroselskabet. The collaborative process within these phases has ensured respect for simple and striking design throughout the project.

This assignment has enabled HITSA to demonstrate that specially designed urban furniture is one of our core areas of expertise. We are proud to once again have provided a key feature for one Copenhagen’s prominent locations. The benches serve as a symbol of the forecourt of Enghave Plads metro station. We are excited that our benches will be taking the square into the future and about following its evolution over the coming years.

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