City square in Solrød

Three curved benches help to create a circular space around the water feature in Strandvejstorvet in Solrød. The benches, featuring mahogany planks, have been inspired by the concept of a bathing jetty. You can sit on them or dip your toes in the water while sitting. They have been designed by Zoffmanholm Landskabsarkitekter and produced by HITSA.

Benches that bend and curve have been used throughout the centre of Solrød. In addition to the specially designed benches by the square, the flexible MAJA Q bench, which is a standard product, has been used in several locations. MAJA Q is available in a variety of models, from a complete circle to perfectly straight. The pedestrian zone in Solrød features the circular version. In other locations MAJA Q forms a partial arc.

In spots where a bench with a backrest was required, FJORDPARK 2 benches have been installed. These are combined with fan-shaped LOTUS MALMÖ litter bins and NOAH bicycle racks, among other products.

The aim has been to create a coherent look across the centre of Solrød using paving, plants and furniture.

Solrød Strand is an example of an urban landscape demonstrating an excellent fusion of custom design and standard products.

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VEKSØ and HITSA have merged

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Under the name of HITSA, we strive to satisfy our customers with well-designed, high quality products.

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