SHINE Litter Bin


SHINE is one of our classic litter bins. A quality litter bin with top opening that makes it easy to keep your city – or park – tidy. Litter bins with a top opening are easy to site in outdoor settings. Users can easily access the bin from all sides to dispose of their rubbish.

The SHINE litter bin is a robust and solid solution that will last for many years to come. It has been designed by Ginman, Harboe, Borup Landskabsarkitekter, with a view to functionality and creating a product suited to both urban spaces and park settings. SHINE is also often used in residential areas.

If you don’t want an open version, you can order SHINE with a top cover. The cover is held in place by a steel wire.

It’s a small litter bin that provides a good alternative to the more roomy bins in our range. SHINE is available with a capacity of either 21 or 31 l.

Litter bin for ease of use and maintenance

The SHINE litter bin has been designed for ease of use and maintenance. The container can be tilted to the side to allow service staff easy access for emptying. The design also ensures that it is easy to clean under the bin.

We recommend that the bin be used with a bin bag inside. However, it can also be ordered with an inner plastic container.

Hot-dip galvanised, durable litter bin

The SHINE litter bin is made from hot-dip galvanised steel. It can be powder-coated in any RAL colour of your choice, if required.

Here at HITSA we swear by good, solid basic materials, as that is the best way to ensure a long useful life and an attractive look for our products.

All the components of our SHINE litter bin are hot-dip galvanised, whether you opt to stick with the plain look of a hot-dip galvanised surface or add a powder coating. All the steel components in our range of litter bins are hot-dip galvanised, including those that are subsequently powder-coated. This provides extra protection against rust.

The SHINE litter bin is to be cemented in.

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    Technical drawings See drawings


    • SHINE 126 and SHINE 127: 21 litre and 31 litre capacity with top access
    • Also available with lid (attached with a steel wire)
    • Optional extra: Inner container, plastic bags
    and dog poo bag holder
    • Loosened with an Allen wrench and tilted to empty
    • Also available in any RAL colour
    • SHINE 142: 25 litre capacity with top access
    • Optional extra: Inner container and plastic bags
    • Also available in any RAL colour


    • Hot-dip galvanised steel
    • Also available in powder-coated, hot-dip galvanised steel
    • Inner container in black, rotation-moulded plastic


    SHINE 126 and SHINE 127:
    Stands: Ø42 mm steel tube
    Container: 1.5 mm perforated steel sheet panel
    Lid: 2 mm steel sheet panel
    SHINE 142:
    Stands: Ø60 mm steel tube
    Container: 1.5 mm perforated steel sheet panel


    • The SHINE 126 and SHINE 127 are available for embedding
    • The SHINE 142 is available for embedding or wall-mounting
    • Recommended base dimensions LxWxH: 300 x 500 x 400 mm
    • Distance from ground to upper edge of container: 600 mm

    SHINE drawings

    Shine 126 21l UL ML

    • 01_Shine 126 21l UL ML - tegning - 1

    Shine 127 31l UL ML

    • 02_Shine 127 31l UL ML - tegning - 1

    Shine 142 25l N

    • 03_Shine 142 25l N - tegning - 1

    Shine 142 25l V

    • 04_Shine 142 25l V - tegning - 1
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